New report calls Maine’s medical marijuana program the nation’s best

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PORTLAND, Maine — A new report released by the industry trade group Americans For Safe Access gave Maine’s medical marijuana program the highest score out of 35 states with some kind of medical cannabis law.

The study rated states based on categories including patient rights and protection against discrimination, access to medicine and functionality.

“Maine is pleased to be viewed as a national leader in terms of the regulation and oversight of its medical marijuana program,” said John Martins of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the program. “We continue to look at ways to strengthen the integrity of the program and are working to ensure that those who are certified for medical marijuana have access to a product that complies with established safety standards.”

Maine received a score of 339 — and a letter grade of B — out of 400 total points. The Pine Tree State was followed by Rhode Island with 324 points, Washington at 322 and California at 320. The lowest scoring state among those with some kind of medical marijuana program was Tennessee, with 40 out of 400 points.

“Most of [the states’ programs] are inadequate,” Chris Hermes, spokesman for Americans For Safe Access, told the Bangor Daily News. “That was the first important part of this report: To highlight how many states are not actually providing adequate services and protections for patients.”

Maine, however, which legalized medical use of marijuana in 1999 and a decade later legalized retail dispensaries for the drug, got 95 out

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