MSU: Marijuana Sate University

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Never let it be said that Maine isn’t on the cutting edge. Ray Logan, of Wells, Maine, has enhanced the educational system in the state of Maine to include a course in growing marijuana for personal medical purposes.

Logan, who suffers from a medical condition, acquired a medical card in 2010 to allow use of the substance for pain caused by a spinal injury. He is now sharing his expertise with others by holding “grow your own” classes.

“My target audience is the medical patients,” says Logan. “Most of them are probably going to be in their 30s, 40s and 50s, not that some younger folks don’t get Crohn’s [disease] or epilepsy or other things that do qualify [for medical marijuana use]. But I’m not the police; I’m not there to see if they have a medical card or not.”

Logan’s first class was held at a Portland hotel on April 2, with about 15 people attending. Law enforcement has given MSU a low priority, since prescription and limited possession of pot has been legal since 1999, and Logan uses basil for instructional purposes.

In a Fox News article, the pot professor says, “It is love and an adventure to watch this plant grow to its fullest, and it’s one of our favorite goals here at MSU.” His enthusiasm might be applauded by some, but others have difficulty with  the self medicating approach, and only reluctantly accept the licensed marijuana dispensaries planned throughout the states.

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