Mother’s struggles with epilepsy spurred Yarmouth man to launch medical …

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YARMOUTH, Maine — Sean Wyatt’s mother suffered from grand mal epilepsy. Her seizures were so intense, her collarbone once shattered and ripped through her skin.

But when she began using medical marijuana in 2009, after voters passed the Maine Medical Marijuana Act, Wyatt witnessed the drug’s therapeutic effects.

He also saw an opportunity.

Wyatt, who was studying business at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, registered with the state as a medical marijuana primary caregiver, a designation that enables individuals to grow and process the plant and distribute it to several patients. He hooked up with Kennebec Healing, a co-op of caregivers, and spent the next few years honing his craft.

Now, Wyatt is striking out on his own. Under the name New England Alternative Care, he plans this spring to open his own establishment in a business park off East Elm Street, the first primary care facility housed in a commercial property in Yarmouth.

Primary caregiving

There are between 600 and 800 registered primary caregivers in Maine, according to estimates. Hundreds of them serve the greater Portland area. Despite their misleading title, they are not physicians.

Each one can serve up to five patients, and those patients can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana every 15 days. Caregivers can maintain up to six flowering plants (and 12 additional vegetative plants) per patient.

Many caregivers grow in their homes. Wyatt is among those who have opted to lease a commercial space for safety and practical reasons: The lamps used for growing can be a

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