More than 13 pounds of medical marijuana sold in state after 2 dispensaries open

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Arkansas’ first two medical marijuana retailers sold more than 13 pounds of the drug during the first few days of sales, according to data reported to state regulators.

As of 1 p.m. Monday, the two Hot Springs dispensaries — Green Springs Medical and Doctor’s Orders RX — had sold 13.76 pounds of dried cannabis flower, according to figures reported to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

Both companies have publicized prices of $15 per gram, meaning the first few days of sales exceeded $93,000.

Doctor’s Orders RX made the first sale in Arkansas on Friday afternoon; Green Springs Medical made its first sale Sunday. The average transaction amount was $79.62, according to the finance department data. Green Springs Medical had said it would sell the drug at $395 an ounce, but it also limited the amount sold to no more than a half-ounce at $15 per gram.

Because of current limitations in software, the state doesn’t yet know how many patients made purchases, said Scott Hardin, a spokesman for the finance department.

About 200 people waited in line at Doctor’s Orders RX on Saturday morning, the first full day of sales, and lines — though much shorter — continued on Sunday and Monday at both dispensaries, patients and spokesmen for the companies said.

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Jacqueline Petty, 43, of Harrison made the 3½-hour drive to Hot Springs on Sunday to visit Green Springs Medical, where she said the line moved efficiently.

“They were all so nice,” she said. “They

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