Millinocket woman caught stealing from marijuana patient, police say

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A woman from Millinocket who police say took marijuana from a registered medical marijuana  patient was arrested and is facing several charges for that crime and others, Sgt. Paul Edwards said Monday.

Jessica Higgins, 27, was charged by Officer Paul Colley at about 2:45 p.m. Saturday with stealing drugs after she was stopped on Ohio Street by Officer Jason Stuart and found with the pot and a hidden stash of the anti-anxiety prescription drug Klonopin.

“She stole marijuana from someone who had it as a medicinal registered patient,” Edwards said. Higgins, who was wanted on two outstanding warrants, also “admitted to having pills in her bra, which she removed,” he said of the Klonopin.

Stuart originally stopped Higgins because she was following her boyfriend on foot as they walked down Ohio Street. Both are barred by the court from contacting the other. Stuart charged her with unlawful possession of drugs and violating her bail conditions. Higgins was taken to the Penobscot County Jail and remained there Monday afternoon, a jail official said.


A Houlton man who groped a young woman while she was walking to her car in the municipal parking lot behind the Bear Brew Pub in Orono was punched by her boyfriend and later charged with assault and disorderly conduct, Capt. Josh Ewing said Monday.

Orono police noticed the fight at around 1:15 a.m. Saturday and saw the 21-year-old boyfriend get out of his car and punch Joseph Lezotte, 22. After investigating the brawl, they discovered that Lezotte

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