Meet America’s most progressive Senate nominee: Shenna Bellows of Maine

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Should everything in the Patriot Act be repealed?

When I began working for the ACLU in 2003, there were specific sections that we were very concerned about. For example… “sneak and peaks” [and] Section 215, the business records provision. We predicted in 2003 that would lead to abuse of power, and of course, over a decade later, we’ve seen the result…

It’s time to repeal the Patriot Act and put in place meaningful reforms…

Senator Collins reportedly is pursuing some kind of compromise to raise the minimum wage by what her spokesperson described as “a reasonable amount,” rather than [to] $10.10. What do you make of that?

$10.10 an hour is $21,000 a year. For the average family, that is a bare minimum to pay the bills, and put food on the table, and keep one’s home…

For members of Congress like Susan Collins — whose salary for over 18 years was… over $100,000 a year — to say that families can do less than $10.10 – it’s really concerning, and out of touch with the struggles of Maine families.

It gets argued often that Democrats have a better chance of passing legislation through both houses of Congress when a moderate Republican is in an office like the one that you’re running for, than a Democrat. What do you make of that kind of argument?

I have a proven track record with the ACLU of passing very difficult legislation… The key to passing good legislation is bringing together unusual partners bound around common principle. We see

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