Medical marijuana: Your guide to how it works, getting a prescription, and conditions it helps with

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What is medical marijuana used for? You’ve come to the right place to find out. Here is a guide to figuring out how to get a prescription,  understanding common conditions medical marijuana is prescribed for, the potential benefits of CBD oil, and everything else you need to know.



How does medical cannabis differ from recreational cannabis?
The distinction between medicinal marijuana and its more recreational sibling remains as foggy to some as a hit of Amnesia Haze: nebulous and beyond comprehension. According to experts, the distribution of cannabidiol (CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can sometimes indicate necessity and indulgence.

What conditions does CBD help with?

Here are five fascinating benefits of CBD for anxiety
CBD is a great, natural way to reduce anxiety that has destroyed the lives of so many. Learn through our comprehensive visual guide on how it can be used to fight anxiety and related symptoms



How do you get a medical marijuana prescription?
Although medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 1999, who can access treatment, and what form treatment can take, continues to evolve. This means there are increasing options for patients — access is no longer limited to dried marijuana, for instance. But it also makes navigating the health system difficult: Who is eligible for legal prescriptions? Can any doctor provide one? Where are prescriptions filled? Who monitors treatments? Here is everything you need to know

How does medical marijuana work? Here’s the science
For all the devilish complexity of medical marijuana

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