Medical marijuana users fly under campus radar

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In response to a monumental shift in Maine policy since 2009, medical marijuana is on the University of Maine campus.

However, university officials haven’t seen that firsthand. Police and the person charged with managing disability accommodations say they haven’t been approached to deal with any conflicts regarding the federally illegal, state-authorized plant that is used to treat medical conditions.

Dr. Glenn Rampe, the medical director of the only on-campus health provider, Cutler Health Center, said he isn’t convinced that benefits from medical marijuana are better than prescription methods.

But, he also said decisions to recommend medical marijuana are up to the individual provider.

One UMaine student said she got a recommendation from a Cutler doctor in January to treat Crohn’s disease.

“My doctor on campus knows I have it,” the female student said. “Doctors are starting to come around.”

Another student said he got a recommendation for chronic pain through one of the state’s most sought-after doctors recommending medical marijuana — Dr. Dustin Sulak of Manchester, an integrative health specialist who practices in Hallowell and Falmouth.

Both students declined to

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