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PITTSFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER)  The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine is helping a woman from Pittsfield sue her former employer over allegations she was denied a job because she is a medical marijuana user. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Brittany Thomas, alleges that she was discriminated against by Adecco Group North America, a staffing firm, for no other reason, than she uses medical marijuana.  Thomas says she uses the drug to ease her pain due to medical conditions including arthritis, spondylosis, two bulging disks, and a herniated disk.   Thomas is represented by ACLU and the Mckee Law firm.  Thomas said Adecco wanted to put her into a job making smoke detectors at United Technology Center. It was a job she had held once before, but in order to return to work she was required to take a drug test. 

“I told her you know it’s a prescription,  I’m not going to do it before work or while I’m working just when I get home and she’d call me back and said no. but if I had had other stuff in my system it would have been ok.”  explained Thomas.

She is seeking back wages and compensation for emotional and mental distress. She would also like her job back.  Adecco declined to do an interview about the lawsuit but did issue the following statement:

“While the

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