Medical marijuana user stages one-man rally

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Drivers honked their horns, police cars drifted pass, and Seamus Maguire of Portland lit a pipe on Franklin Street and puffed out what he said was marijuana smoke.

“It really blows their mind when they find out it’s legal,” he said of passersby to Maguire’s one-man rally.

Maguire kept his pipe nearby, partly as a prop. Armed with a bullhorn, he hoisted signs and made his case through a bullhorn, campaigning for LD 1453, Rep. Diane Russell’s bill to legalize pot in Maine.

“Legalize it and tax it, folks! It’s on the table,” Seamus bellowed to motorists. Tuesday’s push for legalization of marijuana in Maine caused many drivers to honk their approval; others just stared.

One driver who was idling at a red light on Somerset Street shouted to Maguire, letting him know that police were in the area. Maguire, puffing on his pipe, yelled back to the driver that he had medical approval to use marijuana.

“I’m legal,” Maguire said.

“I wish I were,” the driver retorted.

Maguire said he’s been a medical user of marijuana for 10 years in his treatment for lymphoma.

“I’ll be here, I’ll be at the State House, I’m a cancer survivor and this is my passion,” he said.

Maguire began waving signs in the traffic island on Franklin Street Tuesday morning and promised to continue his campaign while Russell’s bill moves through the Maine Legislature. The bill is scheduled for a May 10 committee hearing in Augusta.

“I am a firm believer that it is time for it to be legalized and taxed,

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  1. Emma Weekly says:

    Awesome, i dont see why other dont deserve marijuana as a preventative. I honestly never had tumor problems until i started having kids and stopped use.