Medical Marijuana Supply Stolen

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Ellsworth, Maine– A medical marijuana caregiver is trying to rebuild his supply after it was targeted by thieves last week.

Tom Davis has been growing medical marijuana for two years. The medical marijuana patient is licensed to cultivate the drug for himself and two other people.

Last Thursday, thieves cut their way into a greenhouse on Davis’s property and took 17 marijuana plants.

Ellsworth police later charged 32-year-old Aaron Pert of Trenton with the burglary.

Investigators say Pert confessed after a small amount of marijuana was found in his car. He was also charged for having a loaded gun in the vehicle.

Police eventually returned the marijuana to Davis but he says unfortunately a majority of the plants did not survive.

“And even out of what’s left…it would be hard to call it medicine and try and charge a patient money for it because its mangled,” he said, “From here to his vehicle…those plants saw more abuse then they would have seen in their whole life. They were destroyed.”

Davis added that he is already getting help re-growing his medical marijuana supply after getting support from other caregivers in the area.

Aaron Pert was able to make bail on all charges. He is due to appear in

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