Medical marijuana smell a growing concern in Maine community

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(NECN: Amy Sinclair) – It’s now legal to grow medical marijuana in Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts.

And with this new form of indoor agriculture, come many questions, like what if neighbors can’t stand the smell?

Pleasant Hill Place in Scarborough, Maine looks like any other modest office complex, but step indoors and your nostrils fill with the unmistakable odor of maturing marijuana plants.

“I just assumed it was some of the kids in that telemarketing group smoking a little marijuana and I have no problem with that,” said Shawn Swaney, owner of Swaney Lighting Associates Inc.

But last week as the smell grew stronger, Swaney discovered that it was coming from the suite directly below him, one with drawn shades and reflective covering over the door.

No one in the building, including NECN, has spoken to this tenant, but he or she is one Maine’s 800 so-called caregivers who are licensed to grow marijuana, up to six plants per client, for patients who have a doctor’s recommendation.

But Swaney is worried about the impact on his clients and staff.

“What about the second hand effect on employees? What recourse do I have?” he lamented.

When he went looking for guidance, he couldn’t find much. He says the state’s Department of Health and Human Services told him it had no authority to monitor sites

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