Medical marijuana sales now officially legal in Nevada

April 2nd, 2014 by admin Leave a reply »

Nevada’s medical marijuana laws go into effect today, making it legal in Nevada to sell, grow, test and tax medical marijuana.

But don’t expect to see medical marijuana dispensaries, indoor grow facilities or labs to test the pot pop up right away in Nevada, government officials said.

The ability to buy or grow medical marijuana to smoke or eat with a doctor’s prescription in Washoe County is still about 10 months away, said representatives of local governments.

“There are so many what ifs,” said Adam Mayberry, spokesman for the city of Sparks. “The reports I have seen put it at later this year or early 2015. It is possible you could see it by later this year — and I want to emphasis late.”

Today is significant because it will mark the legalization of a new industry — one that is designed to ease pain for many afflictions. It is also expected to be a money maker for its participants, a job producer and a fresh tax sources for state and local governments.

“Now everyone can go forward (with plans),” said state Sen.

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