Medical Marijuana Poses Problems for Colleges

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It’s estimated that as many as a third of college students smoke pot. But for 25-year-old Robyn Smith, “reefer madness” has taken a whole new meaning at the University of Southern Maine where he’s a part-time junior who lives off campus and who has a doctor’s authorization to use medical marijuana.

“Gotta make sure the keys are out of the ignition or else it’s driving under the influence,” Smith said.

Smith is sitting in what could be described as his mobile pharmacy his mother’s borrowed SUV. He’s parked across the street from the school so he can self-medicate without violating laws that prohibit both smoking and drug use on school grounds. Maine is one of 16 states that has legalized medical marijuana but it’s still not permitted on the USM campus. So Smith either goes home to use or retreats to the privacy of a parked car.

Susan Sharon: “What strain are you using today?” Robyn Smith: “So, I have some Blueberry Widow, right now, which is a hybrid. I tend to use it alot because I have more of it than the other strains.”

An Army veteran who spent 15 months in Afghanistan, Smith has been diagnosed with anxiety, a joint disorder and migraines that are so severe he occasionally winds up in the emergency room. He’s currently prescribed half a dozen painkillers and other drugs to ease his symptoms. He’s free to bring those on campus. But he said he doesn’t like the way they make

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