Medical Marijuana Patients In Hawaii County Are Under Attack

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Police take 1 1/2 hours to respond to a 911 call for help, then blame the patient

Kona Buds Stolen by Police?

On December 28, 2010, in the Hawaiian Acres subdivision, medical marijuana patient Brad Snow caught a man in his yard stealing his medical marijuana plants. He immediately called 911, and was immediately put on hold. Eventually he got through to ask for help — but it took the Hawaii county police 1 1/2 hours to respond to his report of a robbery-in-progress. During that time Brad was attacked by the robber. After assaulting Brad, the robber easily escaped long before the police arrived. When the police finally did arrive they made excuses for the lengthy delay, saying a shift change was to blame. This is how it is in most medical marijuana robbery cases in Hawaii county: patients rarely if ever get any help from the police. Luckily Brad was not seriously injured or killed by the violent thief. One of the officers on the scene took Brad aside and — after stating she did not know what the medical marijuana law was (she had not read it) — proceeded to accuse Brad of selling marijuana, saying he would not have been targeted and robbed otherwise.  Brad also knew that if he had defended himself and the intruder was hurt or killed, he would go to prison. That’s how it works in Hawaii county.  Brad Snow was robbed, threatened and attacked by a

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