Medical marijuana patient pleads to lesser charge in drug raid case

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine — A medical marijuana patient and caregiver whose plants were seized last year by drug agents won’t be sentenced in the case against him as long as he adheres to the conditions of a plea agreement he reached with the state last week.

James Fowler, 45, of Pittsfield pleaded guilty to Class E marijuana cultivation Thursday in Somerset County Superior Court under a “deferred disposition” agreement. That means the conviction will be taken off his record in February 2012 if he stays out of trouble, according to Somerset County District Attorney Evert Fowle.

Fowler, whose home was raided in March 2010, originally was charged with more serious Class D cultivation and Class E possession charges.

Drug officers from several agencies seized 19 marijuana plants from Fowler’s home on March 19, 2010, and left him with six, though Fowler claims the total number of plants he had was technically fewer because some of them were male and therefore not producing usable marijuana buds.

Fowler has maintained that the plants were for himself and three other patients for whom he served as a medical marijuana provider in accordance with state law, which would allow him a total of 24 plants. Fowler told the Bangor Daily News that he was confident the case would have gone his way if it had gone to trial, but opted for the plea agreement so his patients wouldn’t have to appear in court.

“I didn’t want to put my patients on the stand and force them to

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