Medical marijuana not allowed at Occupy Portland

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Even if they have a prescription for pot, medical marijuana is not allowed at the Occupy Portland protest.

Portland’s law says anyone authorized to have medical marijuana can use it, as long as they are out of the public’s view.

Some protesters say smoking in their tent should be allowed, but Mayor Sam Adams says that is not the case.

The mayor tweeted his position on the issue today, saying smoking in a tent at a public park is illegal.

Some protesters say it’s their medicine and they are making sure not to disturb anyone with it.

“I go into my tent, I hide away from public’s eye, I light incense so it smells different so they can’t smell it, and I stay in my tent and do my thing,” said Justin James-Bridges, an Occupy Portland protester.

Others, however, say the whole issue is a distraction.

“It definitely detracts from the movement and what we’re trying to do here,” said Chase Wilson, with Occupy Portland.

Portland Police say they will continue to do their routine patrols and officers will address each case individually.

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