Medical Marijuana Group Wants Raids to Stop

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     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A medical marijuana advocacy group sued the federal government for threatening property owners with forfeiture and criminal prosecution if they rent to medical marijuana providers. They say the federal government has no right to “coerce and commandeer the police power and legislative and executive functions of the state of California.”
     Americans for Safe Access accuses Attorney General Eric Holder and local U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag of usurping California’s right to make and enforce state laws.
     Haag and the three other U.S. attorneys for California held a press conference on Oct. 7 at which they said they would send mass mailings to property owners threatening civil forfeiture and severe criminal punishment if the owners rent to medical marijuana dispensaries, even those that operate legally under state law.
     The U.S. attorneys also promised to raid and prosecute medical marijuana providers, again not making exceptions for those operating legally under state law.
     Americans for Safe Access says one of the U.S. attorney even threatened newspapers that carry ads for state-allowed dispensaries with criminal punishment for such ads, which are protected by the First Amendment.
     Americans for Safe Access says the government is entitled to enforce criminal laws against marijuana in states that have decriminalized it for medical use in an “even-handed manner,” but that “the Tenth Amendment forbids it from selectively employing such coercive tactics to commandeer the law-making functions of the state.”
     The group says it does not challenge Congress’ authority to enact laws criminalizing the possession

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