Medical marijuana dispensary no problem in Ellsworth, Maine, officials say

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BOSTON – When Maine Organic Therapy, a medical marijuana dispensary, opened in Ellsworth, Maine, in 2011, City Councilor John Moore was worried.

Moore said he does not like what he perceives as a cultural shift toward increased use of marijuana. Although, after discussion, he voted in favor of the dispensary, he was not completely happy with his vote.

“Honestly, I wasn’t really warm to the idea of having one,” Moore said.

Nearly three years later, Moore said, he has not had a problem with the dispensary. “I don’t hear people talking about it on the street,” Moore said. “It just doesn’t end up being an issue.”

Maine Organic Therapy is one of eight medical marijuana dispensaries in Maine. Most relevant to Massachusetts, its operations manager, Floyd Brock, will be the chief operating officer of Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers. Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers is run by Heriberto Flores, president of the New England Farm Workers Council, and received a provisional license to open a medical marijuana facility in Holyoke – one of two such licenses granted to facilities in Western Massachusetts.

The dispensaries are not identical. The Holyoke dispensary plans to cultivate and process its marijuana on-site; the Ellsworth dispensary grows its marijuana at a separate location in Biddeford, Maine.

The Holyoke dispensary estimates it will see 3,900 patients annually by its third year, while the Ellsworth dispensary serves around 700, according to Debilitating Medical Condition’s license application. The Ellsworth dispensary employs 10 people, according to an annual

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