Medical marijuana caregivers starting seedlings now for first outdoor season

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STOCKTON SPRINGS, Maine — Medical marijuana caregivers — just like farmers who want healthful tomato plants — are now starting baby plants for the upcoming outdoor growing season in Maine now that the law regulating medicinal cannabis allows the practice.

The change is just one of several that went into effect under LD 1296, An Act to Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act To Protect Patient Privacy, which was signed on June 24, 2011, by Gov. Paul LePage and became law in the fall.

“Last season, you had to grow inside in an enclosed, locked facility and now enclosed, locked facility can mean a fenced area,” Paul McCarrier of Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine said on Friday.

The outdoor fenced area must be equipped with a lock or other security device that permits access only by authorized personnel, the amended law states.

State Rep. Michael Celli of Brewer is one of nine co-sponsors of the amendment that was brought forth by State Rep. Deborah Sanderson of Chelsea.

“It’s an ongoing process to make sure it is not abused and is getting to the people who really need it,” Celli said on Sunday.

The local lawmaker said he has spoken to many qualified patients about the drug that Maine voters first approved as a medicinal drug in 1999.

“Some say it’s the only thing they have found that works for their conditions,” Celli said. “A few have said it didn’t work” and many “are desperate and are willing

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