Medical Marijuana Cafes Designated Smoke-Free Zones in California

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Medical Marijuana Cafes Designated Smoke-Free Zones in California

For a few years now, medical marijuana cafes have been springing up in states like California, Colorado and Oregon to give users of medical marijuana safe havens to self-medicate themselves for various ailments. The cafes have jumped many hurdles to get to this point, but now, the largest hurdle of all looms ahead—smoke-free zone designations.

The cafes sell coffee and food alongside the various types of marijuana. Even better, one such café in Portland, Oregon called The Cannabis Café gives the pot away free to its customers who carry a medical marijuana card. Smoking marijuana is the big draw, of course.

While most law enforcement officials have always had a bit of a problem with these marijuana cafes, there was little they could do to keep users from frequenting them. Until now. Legislators in California have passed an emergency bill designating marijuana cafes smoke-free zones, and Oregon may be right behind.

What this means to medical marijuana users is that they can no longer go to the “club” and smoke their medication. They must buy it and take it home. Swede Mann, who suffers from glaucoma and

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