Medical-marijuana activists protest new restrictions

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“It is an expensive, pointless exercise that provides no benefit to the citizens of Oregon, and that creates an unfunded mandate in a time of restricted budgets.”

Medical-marijuana cardholder Michael Segal, 55, of Portland, who relies on medicinal cannabis to ease chronic pain, said the proposed bill would punish him for a 1990 marijuana-growing conviction.

“I paid my debt for breaking society’s laws by serving a 73-month sentence,” he said. “It is just wrong that we should even have to be here today discussing this. If I had committed an assault and battery, armed robbery, or other crime of violence which resulted in the same sentence, I would not be affected by this bill.”

Segal said the bill would “set a horrible precedent” and prevent needy patients from getting medical marijuana — legally, that is.

“If you make it illegal for me to get it, I will get it illegally,” he said.

Iraq War veteran Jose Garza, 29, of Gresham, said he committed a felony crime — eluding police — in 2004 after returning home after his tour of military duty.

“I came back a messed up individual,” he said.

Garza said medical marijuana provides him with pain relief and soothes symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“With my use of medical cannabis, I’m able to fit back in society,” he said.Article source: