May 5, 2011: Private prison, Pakistan, pot

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State Sen. Doug Thomas and Rep. Paul Davis are hoping to increase jobs in the Milo area in Piscataquis County. Having property in Milo and using the services and stores in center Milo, I have questions about any proposed privately run prison.

I worked at a private for-profit facility (RCA) for incarcerated youth, contracted by Rhode Island to save tax money. It was on a major highway in an urban area adjacent to the state prison complex, unlike Milo. As a social work staffer, I was expected to advocate for continued sentences at the children’s three month court reviews to keep the facility full. Some staff committed abusive acts against these young teens. I resigned.

The children’s lawyers sued RCA when one girl became pregnant from a staff member.  The kids won the case; the state lost money. Was a for-profit motive operating over a non-profit public service mandate?

Increasing the tax base and adding new jobs is good. Security risks, lawsuits and importing of inmates’ friends and family to Milo may not be. Beware!

Jane Fairchild

Orneville Township

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Cut off Pakistan

It’s becoming obvious that Pakistan did nothing to assist and may have actively hindered U.S. efforts to find Osama bin Laden. By any yardstick you use, many millions of dollars are earmarked for aid to this country. It seems to be a great time to cut back or stop this aid, as a message to the world. We can easily find much better uses for these funds. A public outcry would

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