Marijuana Legalization Brings Jobs, Money And Safety

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Legalize Marijuana rhode islandMarijuana Legalization Bills Being Introduced In Rhode Island And Maine Ensure All Three- And The Rights Of Individuals To Grow Their Own

By Rick Thompson

On a conference call Thursday afternoon, two House Representatives from the East Coast discussed their pending legislation to legalize marijuana and what their existing medical cannabis programs have contributed to their states already.

Representative Edith Ajello, D- Rhode Island, and Rep. Diane Russell, D- Maine, have both previously sponsored marijuana legalization bills. Ajello is the Chairwoman of her House Judiciary Committee, the position held by Rep. John Walsh in Michigan.

Maine enacted medical marijuana in 2009. Rhode Island passed their medical marijuana law earlier this year, and in neighboring state Massachusetts voters approved a medical marijuana law on November 6, 2012, by more than 60%. Washington and Colorado each legalized marijuana on that same day. Both Representatives said this time around, passing the legalization bills will be easier due to the changing nature of national politics.

The conference call was established by the Marijuana Policy Project, the organization principally responsible for the passage of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act in 2008. Both Reps. Ajello and Russell were attending a conference in Washington, DC. Neither Representative minced words about what a state marijuana program could mean to their constituents.

“We created 700 new jobs in Maine,” under the current medical marijuana law, says Rep. Russell.

Input from patients and citizens is driving improvements to the current law. “We are considering introducing a

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