Marijuana in Oregon: 300000 Users + New Restrictions Will Increase Use – Salem

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Jun-15-2011 16:47

Dr. Phil Leveque

Countering the federal nonsense about cannabis/marijuana.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) – My text comes partially from the Oregonian editorial June 11, 2011 Re Marijuana: “Seeing Through the Smoke” which again impugns or questions the efficacy of Medical Marijuana. It also seems to hail a U.S. Attorney in Portland for his “knowledge” of Marijuana as medicine in Oregon. He is funny/strange in his lack of knowledge. Both he and the Oregonian made many errors of fact and innuendo.

First of all they have few and mostly meaningless clues about Marijuana dispensaries. Oregon has about 35,000 or so Medical Cardholders and Caregiver Cardholders. All can grow and carry Marijuana. Friend-to-friend exchanges are the rule and cash is frequently exchanged (it costs money to grow Pot). Clubs are the users answer to the foolishly ambiguous laws. Even Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Shrunk says so!

Many say all Marijuana use is Medical (except high school kids). For some it is like coffee, a mild medical stimulant or wine, a mild medical tranquilizer.

Many teenagers have access to Marijuana. I’m taking as my text Parade Magazine June 12, 2011 Re: The Underage Drinking Epidemic in which they point out that by 12th grade 41% of students have used alcohol in the past 30 days. In college 72% have used. It is known that Marijuana is about as easy to acquire as alcohol. Almost none of these are Marijuana Cardholders, so the target must be the very sick Medical

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