Marijuana dispensary no big deal in Biddeford

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Sunday, March 17, 2013



This city of about 22,000 is located near Saco and a half-hour south of Portland. It is a former mill city that has seen better days, with people more concerned with economic revitalization than medical marijuana.

There seem to be two types of people here — those who know of the dispensary and are proud of being on the forefront of the medical marijuana movement, and those who were unaware such a business was located in town.

“Put simply, it is as though they don’t exist,” Police Chief Roger P. Beaupre said when asked if the police have responded to any incidents at the dispensary or if marijuana use in the city has increased because of its presence.

When considering the Canuvo application to locate on Wellspring Road, City Planner Greg D. Tansley said the Planning Board had to think of the dispensary

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