Man facing pot bust charge challenges ex-MDEA officer’s credibility

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Rockland — Hope resident Christian Willis Neils, 35, charged in a criminal indictment with aggravated trafficking and felony possession of marijuana, is trying to challenge the search warrant that led to his arrest in September 2010.

Appearing before Justice Jeffrey Hjelm in Knox County Superior Court March 28 Neils through his attorney, Leonard Sharon of Auburn, argued that former Maine Drug Enforcement Officer Kirk Guerrette failed to disclose his drug habits when he applied for the search warrant of the home of Neils.

The court heard oral arguments whether Neils and his attorney have the right to question the officer’s credibility at this stage of the case.

About 15 supporters of Neils, at a rally in front of the courthouse before the hearing, said the case is shaping up to be a constitutional issue of violating search and seizure law enforcement actions against the citizenry.

“This is a landmark case,” one supporter said, noting that residents were at the hearing to show the court their concern that the citizens’ rights to private property not be abridged without the rule of law, “most especially not by an officer whose credibility is in doubt.”

Neils, who said he grew up in Appleton, has an 18-year political activism career and is a medical marijuana patient and caregiver.

The felony charges Neils faces stem from a raid conducted by

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