Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program Suffering Communication Breakdown

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Augusta –

Just a few months after the director of Maine’s medical marijuana program was dismissed, members of the medical marijuana community here in Maine say the program is in a shambles.

New rules governing Maine’s medical marijuana program went into affect December 31. But those who participate in the program and must comply with these rules say they have a problem. As of January 2, the rules still were not posted publicly and many of people had no idea whether they were breaking the law. “The worst case scenario is that you will have a patient or a caregiver who is not aware of these rules that took affect and have an interaction with law enforcement and that law enforcement will then take action against the patient or caregiver because they’re not in compliance with the rules they’re ignorant of,” said Paul McCarrier, head of the Maine Medical Marijuana Caregivers Association.

Ken Alberts, Director of Licensing and Regulatory Services at DHHS, sent out an email on December 21 to all “interested parties” which contained the rule changes. Many patients and caregivers say they signed up to be included on that mailing list but never received the email containing the rules. In the letter, Alberts also says the posting of the rules could be delayed because of the holidays, but says the adopted rules still take affect on December 31.

Patients and caregivers were part of the new rule

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