Maine’s Medical Marijuana Law – Part One

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In November of 2009, voters passed a citizens initiative, making Maine the 15th state to have a medical marijuana law on the books.

Changes to that law are at the center of a number of complaints from licensed caregivers and patients who say their privacy and rights are being violated.

Jon Steward is one of those licensed medical marijuana caregivers and, as a disabled veteran with chronic back pain, he’s also a patient. By law he can grow marijuana for up to 5 patients plus himself. Under current rules, caregivers can grow six flowering marijuana plants per patient and have 2 1/2 ounces of prepared marijuana per patient.

Steward and other caregivers say there’s a lot of gray area as to what is considered a flowering plant and what’s ready to harvest. He says that confusion creates a balancing act for caregivers between maintaining the best possible medicine for their patients and staying within the boundaries of the law. “And we all live in fear that the local MDEA officer who decides to get a hair across his butt and come raid us is gonna start counting vegetative plants as marijuana,” Steward.

According to Steward the growing process can take up to 7 or 8 months if it’s done right and it’s impossible to tell how much useable marijuana each plant will produce. “You can’t harvest it before it’s finished either. I mean to harvest this plant now would not be

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