Maine Voices: Legal marijuana is Maine’s future crop

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Posted: January 9
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Maine Voices: Legal marijuana is Maine’s future crop

What has been learned in California could be put to use here, turning an illegal market into a significant industry,

PORTLAND – My last marijuana adventure was in the back of a ’64 Mustang full of teenagers, deep in a Louisiana cotton field — and I was far more worried about my mother’s wrath than about getting stoned. Claiming my experiment was “medicinal research” never occurred to me. And, yes, I did inhale just once, which just about killed me.

Cultivating cannabis is a big business, whether it’s legal or not. Maine officials can step in and manage this market, or they can keep hoping it will go away.

John Patriquin/Staff Photographer


Sam Eakin is an entrepreneur who lives in Portland.

To this day, I still much prefer beer, but my curiosity about medical marijuana led me to Berkeley, Calif., the industry mecca. Overdue a midlife crisis, I grew a ponytail to blend in with the cannabis managers, gave my favorite handyman a week to paint my condo, and headed west from Maine.

Surprisingly, I found myself in a Twilight Zone of thirty-something “suits,” looking fresh from

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