Maine Voices: Clear smoke before acting on pot

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Maine Voices: Clear smoke before acting on pot

Maine should move cautiously instead of subjecting residents to a grand experiment.

By Jo Morrissey

PORTLAND — Over this past year, the marijuana legalization debate has taken place in the media and in the Legislature.

Smoke billows from a marijuana cigarette. A writer says that the state should not rush to legalize the drug.

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Jo Morrissey is project manager for 21 Reasons, a coalition of community groups that fight underage drinking.

We now have the opportunity to unpack this issue and have meaningful conversation at our kitchen tables based on data and research, thanks to the Legislative Council’s vote not to consider during this short session L.R. 2329, a bill that would legalize, tax and regulate the non-medical use of marijuana.

Legalizing marijuana would have massive public health implications. There is no need to rush this. We need to step back, study what works to prevent youth’s access to marijuana and craft sound policy based on what we learn.

Other places have already legalized marijuana. We do not need to follow suit and needlessly subject our communities to a grand experiment. We need to craft policy not in a vacuum or pushed by a small group of out-of-state special interests, but in an open forum by and for a diverse group made up of the people of Maine.


First, let’s look at some common

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  1. Oldtimemoonshine says:

    wtf??? more crap to control our lives. Why does money have to come with the “NO” factor. Greedy caregivers wanna get paid! They keep their customer base and blame this whole social experiment…. believe it they are laughing their way to the bank… Socialist scum dems