Maine Target For Marijuana Legalization

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Beginning next year, lawmakers in five states: New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland and Hawaii will take up bills to legalize marijuana. Alaska voters will have their say at the ballot box in August. And by 2016, voters in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California will join them. Rob Campia of the Marijuana Policy Project says these are all states where public support for legalization has been gauged at 50 percent or higher and where his group plans to actively campaign. He says he’s been galvanized by what has happened across the country in the past year.

Rob Campia says: “Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. Vermont decriminalized marijuana. New Hampshire and Illiniois legalized medical marijuana and Oregon and Nevada improved their medical marijuana laws. All this happened in the last ten months so we’re very excited about the trajectory nationwide.”

Twenty states have now legalized medical marijuana and Campia says that has helped fertilize the ground for legalization efforts. So have changing demographics. While most people in their late 70s and 80s haven’t used marijuana, Campia says most people in their 20s have. Their grandparents and parents, who secretly smoked pot, were raised during an era when cannabis use was demonized and when the War on Drugs resulted in increased rates of incarceration. Even Campia, at the age of 43, has had his own run-in with the law.

Rob Campia says: “When I was

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