Maine patients, parents, activists call on Obama to remove medical marijuana …

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FALMOUTH, Maine — Three times each day, 19-year-old Katie Solman of Bangor adds drops of a medical marijuana tincture into a cup of juice or tea and swallows it.

Sometimes, she lets a lozenge dissolve in her mouth instead, in order to obtain the effects of the medical marijuana she says helps keep her epileptic seizures at bay.

“It’s just completely changed my life,” Solman said Tuesday

Diagnosed with epilepsy at age 11, Solman has been prescribed a variety of pharmaceutical prescriptions over the years to ease the symptoms of her epilepsy.

But “the very serious side effects made my situation worse,” she said, and discontinuing some of the drugs led to withdrawal.

Since September, the Bates College sophomore has taken a “high-CBD, low THC” strain of the marijuana, which she said doesn’t cause the psychoactive effects traditionally associated with the drug but instead helps control her seizures.

Solman and her mother, Kristi Solman, joined other parents and activists who gathered Tuesday at Integr8 Health to urge President Barack Obama to remove medical marijuana from the federal government’s list of scheduled drugs.

Doing so on a federal level would allow research into marijuana’s medicinal benefits to commence.

More importantly, though, “it would increase access to patients in need,” said Brad Feuer, CEO of Integr8 Health, which works with patients to provide recommendations for treatment with medical marijuana and allows patients to establish a relationship with a doctor — two requirements to obtain the substance in Maine.

Integr8 Health and its sister practice, Maine Integrative Health Care in Manchester,

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