Maine Needs Doctors Willing to Recommend Medical Marijuana!

March 31st, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

Since the new law has taken affect in Maine it seems to be harder to get approval from doctors to use medical marijuana. As a cancer patient this author knows first hand the benefits of using marijuana for the treatment of chemotherapy side effects, but when I went to my doctor to renew my prescription after the first of the year I was rudely told that the corporate doctors office that he works for has barred the recommendation of medical marijuana across the board regardless of circumstances. This had been decided without any patient input and was put into place to relieve the company of any possible liability from recommending a federally illegal substance. They chose to put themselves before their patient’s needs.

We here at MMM get emails constantly from qualified patients looking for a doctor that is willing to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment for their affliction. Unfortunately there is only one doctor in the state that has openly prescribed this drug and his office is booked solid for months. As of now there are no doctors in the Greater Portland area that have announced publicly their willingness to help these patients in need. These patients are trying to gain access to this drug not because they want to use it, but because they have a serious health issue and the drug WORKS.

What is puzzling to this writer is why doctors are so recalcitrant to follow the clearly defined state laws and allow their patients the benefit of this medication. There seems to be a fear that there will be be some sort of legal consequences despite the fact that no doctor has ever faced DEA persecution due to marijuana prescriptions. Doctors also seem frustrated with the volume of people trying to obtain marijuana legally who aren’t qualified under the new state guidelines. There has been a historical issue in Maine with the over-prescription of pain medication so this is an understandable concern. However, there must still be a balance between helping those in need while weeding out those who would abuse the system. This judgment is the responsibility of the State’s doctors. It is no different from every other drug that is on the market that advertises for patients to ask their doctors if it is right for them.

MMM is petitioning the doctors, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and other prescription writing professionals to please assist if you are willing to take on patients looking to be evaluated for the use of medical marijuana. There is a genuine need that is not being met at this time and only you can help. Simply emailĀ with your contact information and specialty and we will refer the appropriate patients. All information will remain confidential and will not be published on the web site. No patient will be referred that is outside the expertise of the doctor.

Thank you so much for your help with this worthy cause!