Maine Medical Pot User Fights to Keep Rental Aid

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( Source: Leslie Bridgers Portland Press Herald, Maine (MCT) — Don LaRouche says he has a right to continue growing and smoking marijuana in the trailer he rents in Madison with the assistance of a Section 8 voucher.

He hopes to convince one more MaineHousing commissioner of that on Tuesday.

The board of commissioners voted 4-3 last month not to allow the use, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana in apartments subsidized through the Maine State Housing Authority’s Section 8 program. The board agreed, however, to hear additional comments at its meeting Tuesday morning.

At the beginning of October, the housing authority notified six tenants, including LaRouche, that they would have to comply with the agency’s new policy within a month or lose their vouchers.

It was something that LaRouche had heard in the past.

LaRouche, who uses marijuana to treat muscle spasms and symptoms of glaucoma and Crohn’s disease, got a letter last summer telling him to lose the marijuana or lose his housing assistance.

When he smokes marijuana, he said, “I don’t sit there and twitch, and I don’t feel like my eyes are popping out of my head.”

LaRouche, who has been growing marijuana for five years, tends to his plants daily and smokes throughout the day. On disability, he can’t afford the prices that dispensaries charge, and he can’t afford an apartment without assistance.

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