Maine Medical Marijuana Veto Overturned by Lawmakers Standing Up to Governor

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State lawmakers in Maine overwhelmingly voted Monday to override Republican Governor Paul LePage’s veto of a bill that will allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients for any medical reason. 

The House voted 119-23 and the Senate 25-8 to overturn LePage’s veto with support from Democrats and Republicans.

The new legislation will also grant six new medical dispensary licenses, permit caregivers (those who grow and administer medical marijuana to private patients) to expand their business and allow local municipalities to enact further regulations, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Republican state Senator Eric Brakey, who helped write the new law as co-chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, told Newsweek by phone that he respectfully disagrees with his Republican governor when it comes to marijuana issues.

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“I’ve personally seen so many people whose lives have been changed for the better through access to this medicine,” said Brakey, who added that there are three key components to the law. “More choice and freedom for patients, more flexibility for legal businesses and more overall integrity for the program with more local control.”

The new law eliminates the qualifying conditions list that required patients to be diagnosed with certain illnesses, such as cancer, HIV or seizure disorders, before a doctor could issue a license.

The new provision allowing doctors to issue medical marijuana

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