Maine man in recovery makes it to the Today Show

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I’m thrilled to announce that Maine’s awesome medical marijuana program will be part of a Thursday morning feature on NBC’s Today Show.

The Today Show is taking a look at medical marijuana as an exit strategy for our nation’s addiction epidemic. Back in January of 2016, I became intrigued by some local caregivers who testified before the Legislature about treating addiction with medical marijuana, and I’ve blogged a bit about it since.

Today Show staff came to Winthrop, Maine, last month to meet with two of those caregivers, Catherine and Glenn Lewis, one of their patients, and military veterans who are treating their medical/mental health conditions and substance use disorder issues with medical marijuana.

Photo of the Lewises provided by Catherine and Glenn Lewis

The piece will also include footage from an inpatient facility in California where clients can access medical marijuana treatment for addiction in an established clinical setting. I’m excited to see what the process looks like in that more formal setting, and I know ultimately Maine caregivers would like to see such an operation here.

Currently caregivers who work with addicts do so mostly as community-based, outpatient supports. The Lewises and others hope the media attention will generate the interest and resources necessary to develop an inpatient program here in Maine.

I’m told the segment will be about 10 minutes long, which is quite a chunk of time to dedicate to the topic. One of the Mainers involved is someone I know quite

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