Maine lawmaker seeks to legalize marijuana

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Maine lawmaker seeks to legalize marijuana

Rep. Diane Russell’s bill would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in Maine, and comes a week after Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational use of the drug.


Democratic Rep. Diane Russell of Portland said Wednesday she is reintroducing a bill to legalize and tax the sale of marijuana and products that contain the drug for recreational use.

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With a lone protestor in background, Rep. Diane Russell holds a press conference in April 2011 at Portland City Hall to advocate legalizing and taxing marijuana. Russell is once again pushing for legalization, one week after voters in Colorado and Washington helped those states become the first to legalize recreational use of the drug.

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Russell’s first attempt at legalization was voted down in the House, 107-39, in June. However, the measure may have gained support after voters in Washington state and Colorado last week legalized recreational use of the drug. They are the first states to do so.

The time is ripe for another try in the Maine Legislature, Russell said.

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