Maine Governor To Citizens: ‘Load Up And Get Rid Of Drug Dealers’

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Maine Governor Paul LePage took aim at drug dealers in the state recently, noting that citizens have Constitutional Carry and therefore have the right to shoot dealers.

That thaw in attitudes toward drug users makes LePage the latest in a string of white conservative politicians calling for a kinder, gentler approach to drug users.

Maine Governor Paul LePage (in centre) lived in New Brunswick for years and raised two of his daughters in the province.

We have constitutional carry. He followed up saying he did not advocate for vigilante justice.

Earlier this month LePage said out-of-state drug dealers were impregnating “young white girls“.

“These people … there’s nothing good enough for these people”, he said. Heightened awareness of imported heroin in ME “creates the ideal storm of hysteria in what is an all-white state”, he says.

“Maine needs to send a message to these criminals so they know their actions aren’t taken lightly here”, said Cyrway. “Do you know that there are no prosecutors of color?”

“I think the death penalty should be appropriate for people that kill Mainers”, he said, referring to people who sell illegal drugs that cause overdose deaths. LePage later said he wasn’t suggesting vigilantism. “While you can use deadly force to prevent an imminent violent crime, you can’t use deadly force just because you think someone is dealing drugs”.

“The conversation on addiction this election has focused more on treatment and compassion – and differs from the tough-on-crime rhetoric

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