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MADISON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A medical marijuana patient in Madison now will not have to decide between growing his medicine and losing help he gets from the Maine State Housing Authority.

Don LaRouche suffers from glaucoma, muscle spasms and Crohns disease. He uses medical marijuana to treat those conditions. Yet he also counts on federal housing vouchers he gets from the Maine State Housing Authority to pay his rent.

Early last month LaRoche got a letter from that organization. It said since marijuana is banned by federal law he must stop growing marijuana or lose his housing vouchers. Since then the housing authority has learned that it can make its own rules for medical marijuana patients currently in the voucher program. Officials sent LaRouche a letter last week saying they will not pursue terminating his assistance.

LaRouche says he’s hoping the housing authority will do the same for others like him.

“I would hope that they would understand that we’re not criminals,” he said, “it’s no different then use using prescription medication from a drug store.”

Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services is considering rule changes for the state’s medical marijuana program. Officials with the Maine State Housing Authority say they are planning to let those changes be ironed out first before amending their own policies.


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