Madison Man May Continue to Grow Marijuana in His Home…For Now

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Madison –

The Maine State Housing Authority is holding off on a threat to take away a Madison man’s housing assistance if he didn’t stop growing his medical marijuana in the house.

It’s thanks in large part to the intervention of a state representative from Chelsea.

50-year-old Don LaRouche was told over the weekend he can resume growing his medical marijuana in his home.

LaRouche had written letters to Gov. Lepage and his own state representative but nobody responded.

That was until republican Deborah Sanderson heard the story.

After she met with officials from the Maine State Housing Authority, they agreed to back off their stance for now.

LaRouche has been given a reprieve until the Department of Health and Human Services finishes crafting new rules to govern the medical marijuana program.

Once that process is finished, Maine State Housing will create policy based on those rules.

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