Local Advocacy Group Promotes “Home Grown” Expo

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Erica Stapleton

Posted Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at 8:35 pm.

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Medical Marijuana advocates continue opening up to the community.

Medical Marijuana Caregiviers of Maine held and information session Saturday in downtown Bangor.

They hope to answer any questions the public may have about using medical marijuana or becoming a caregiver.

They were also promoting a medical marijuana expo in Bangor next weekend.

“At Homegrown Maine we’re going to be having presentations, workshops all day,” says Roxanne Munksgaard, a patient advocate.  ”Speakers to talk about the benefits of medical marijuana from a scientific viewpoitn as well as other things.”

The Home Grown Maine Trade show and Expo is next Saturday, April 19th at the Spectacular Events Center.

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