Living with addiction: After relapse and 3 suicide attempts, Maine man tries …

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LEWISTON, Maine — One day in June, Kenji Yamauchi stole $1,000 from his mother and bought just more than a gram of heroin — enough, he thought, to kill himself.

Only six months before, the 24-year-old had been clean for several months, determined and hopeful about his future as he told the Bangor Daily News of his years-long struggle with drugs.

But by February, Yamauchi had begun using again, and by June he found himself in a Portland homeless shelter, tired of the struggle and seemingly out of options.

“I just didn’t see another way out of it at the time,” he said recently. “I didn’t like where my life was going. … I just thought, ‘This is the rest of my life right here, living at the shelter, selling drugs to get by, waking up sick every morning because I don’t have drugs until a few hours after I wake up, eating at the soup kitchen every day.’ It was miserable.”

It was his third suicide attempt after years of drug use, which began with marijuana at age 13 and went on to include psychedelic mushrooms, cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy and methamphetamines. He discovered Vicodin at age 16, he said, sold Ecstasy and psychedelics, and then at 18 shot heroin for the first time.

He sank deeper and deeper into addiction and watched friends die from it.

“Because of this addiction, I’ve lost nearly everything,” he said in December. “I lost a girl I love, every single material possession I had.”

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