Lincolnville moves town office project forward, approves zoning drug clinics

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Lincolnville — Approximately 75 voters convened at the Lincolnville Central School Feb. 13 and, despite debate on a few measures, eventually approved a special town meeting warrant that included relegating methadone and marijuana clinics to a section of Route 1 to transferring money to begin a town office renovation project.

The warrant also included amending town ordinances governing home occupations to ease some of the restrictions on setting up a home-based business; entering into a multi-year lease with the Lincolnville Historical Society for the use of the town-owned former Dean Eugley property on Main Street; and authorizing the selectmen to sell 2.31 acres of tax-acquired land on South Cobbtown Road.

Limiting the siting of drug clinics to Route 1 is included in ordinance amendments that now govern where, and how, medical marijuana dispensaries and methadone clinics are established. The majority of voters approved the clinic amendments, with but three in opposition.

Such clinics will be allowed on Route 1 in a stretch south of the intersection of Beach Road (Route 173) and Route 1 to the Camden town line. Additionally, all signage and advertising for a medical marijuana dispensary is not to use the word “marijuana or cannabis, or any other word, phrase or symbol commonly understood to refer to marijuana unless such word, phrase or symbol is immediately preceded by the

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  • Anonymous

    OK I object to calling a dispensary a “drug clinic”…it’s wrong!… METHADONE  on the other hand is a drug.  It’s this kind of mindset that keeps Medically LEGAL marijuana in the schedule 1 spectrum.
    Medically Legal Marijuana should be removed from the schedule 1 list, because SCHEDULE 1 means there is NO MEDICINAL BENEFIT.  
    Marijuana has been PROVEN to have medical benefits.
    I know this for a fact because for more than 20 years I was taking PRESCRIBED NARCOTICS that did not work, and now I am using medical marijuana, and am NO LONGER in pain, and NO LONGER use narcotics!!