Lewiston passes moratorium on marijuana caregiver storefronts

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LEWISTON — The City Council passed a six-month moratorium on medical marijuana caregiver storefronts Tuesday, but made its effective date more lenient to allow last-minute applications to go through.

The move comes as the Legislature has adopted a bill that overhauls the medical marijuana system, and Lewiston officials say the moratorium will give the city time to create unifying zoning ordinances. 

Under the new state laws, which will become effective this fall, municipalities must pass an ordinance that specifically allows caregiver storefronts, a business model that has grown in popularity and that allows licensed caregivers sell to patients from a retail location. 

Lewiston officials say the city has seen more inquiries from caregivers looking to locate in Lewiston ever since Auburn passed a similar moratorium in June. 

Those attending Tuesday’s meeting included caregivers who either had pending applications or were preparing them and had just found out about the moratorium proposal. 

Ultimately, the council voted 5-2 to pass the moratorium, but changed its effective date from July 5 to to July 13. Councilors Alicia Rea and Zack Pettengill provided the dissenting votes.

David Hediger, director of Planning and Code Enforcement, told the crowd that businesses with pending applications would not be affected by the moratorium if the applications are in by end of business hours Thursday. 

According to Hediger’s memo to the council, as of June 28, records show 15 active primary caregivers operating in the city and 14 pending city approval.

He said some are just grow operations while others are grow operations with retail

Article source: http://www.sunjournal.com/lewiston-passes-moratorium-on-marijuana-caregiver-storefronts/