Lewiston Considers New Regs on Medical Marijuana Caregivers

December 24th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

Approved by voters last year, Maine’s new law sets up eight regional dispensaries. It also allows caregivers who provide limited amounts of marijuana to fewer than five patients and who register with the state, to do so in the privacy of their own homes.

Licensed caregivers have to pay a fee up front with the state–$300 per patient. Plants must be cultivated in an enclosed, locked facility.

But now, the city of Lewiston is expected to take a final vote on rules that would limit the areas where medical marijuana could be grown, subject caregivers who care for more than two patients to municipal registration, additional fees and background checks and prohibit cultivation in apartments.

“My name is Jonathan, and I don’t want to really say my last name just ’cause of everything that’s kind of going on now, with Maine saying you could do a certain thing and now Lewiston saying you can’t do that certain thing, and a lot of people are kind of scared to come out as it is anyway.”

A resident of Lewiston, Jonathan says he provides medical marijuana for two patients, both friends, on fixed incomes. He also expects to begin growing the drug for a family member soon. But he’s worried about the effects of Lewiston’s proposed restrictions on his small operation that he runs out of a closet.

“I live in an apartment building right now,” he says. “There’s other areas that I could also

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