Lawmakers: Bipartisan medical marijuana bill in the works

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Iowa lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are working behind closed doors on a medical marijuana deal.

The controversial push to legalize some form of medical marijuana in Iowa seemed destined for a vote next year at the earliest.

Many Republican and Democratic lawmakers said a fast-tracked bill is in the works and could be presented this week.

Steve Gaer said having to watch his daughter suffer multiple, intense seizures every week is heartbreaking.

“She had one this morning at 5:30 and they’re just horrible to watch. And as she comes out of it, she kind of looks at you, like, ‘Can’t you help me? Can’t you help stop these things from happening?'” Gaer said.

Margaret Gaer suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that causes violent seizures. She’s tried more than a dozen different medications and so far nothing has worked.

“And she’s on two medications to counteract the side effects of the four seizure medications that she’s on,” Gaer said. “So it’s really tough on these kids.”

KCCI NewsChannel 8 confirmed through multiple sources that bipartisan, narrow legislation was in the works Wednesday behind closed doors at the Statehouse.

If passed, the measure would legalize a liquid form of medical cannabis.

The medical cannabis would be low on THC and would not be smoked. In order to receive the medication, epilepsy patients would be required to get a doctor’s recommendation.

“These kids have tried everything,” Gaer said. “There are no other alternatives for these kids

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