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(NEWS CENTER) – A look at news coming up for the week of Monday, August 8

MONDAY – The Portland Police Department will kick off their third annual Law Enforcement Explorer Academy. Explorers between the ages of 14 and 20 will be put through a 50 hour course that provides physical and mental challenges and exposes young adults to the life of a police officer. The work is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. The program concludes Friday with a graduation ceremon

TUESDAY – Kids in the Bangor area will be able to get some free books. The Kev-Lan Korner Citgo station on Broadway is handing out books to kids. Employees will read to kids and invite them to pick out a new book off Bess The Book Bus. Kids will also eat free of the Kev-Lan menu and for every child that eats free, the convenience store will donate $5 to the book bus.

WEDNESDAY – Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine will host an informational session Wednesday to update people on Maine’s changing medicinal marijuana laws. The meeting will be at Brewer Food and Medicine on Ivers Street in Brewer. Representatives from MMCM will detail privacy issues, rights and accessibility.

THURSDAY – The Portland Improv Comedy Festival kicks off Thursday. It’s a 3 day celebration of improvisational comedy acts. In improv, performers make up comedic scenes based primarily on suggestions and interactions with the audience. Performances aren’t scripted, so comedians make up everything on the spot. Groups

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