Judges consider Tampa patient’s right to grow medical marijuana at home

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What does it mean to use marijuana for medical purposes?

The state and a strip club owner don’t seem to agree.

Joe Redner, a 77-year-old Tampa strip club owner and medical marijuana patient, appeared before the First District Court of Appeal on Tuesday for oral arguments in his case to grow his own medical marijuana.

His attorneys point out the definition of medical use of marijuana under the statute, which says qualifying patients or caregivers are not subject to criminal or civil sanctions.

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The Florida Department of Health says that pulling out the definition is unfair, and that judges should consider the portion of the law that bars patients or caregivers from cultivating marijuana or purchasing marijuana from any person or entity other than a medical marijuana treatment center.

Judge Karen Gievers ruled last April that Redner could grow his own medical marijuana but can’t share the plants or the juice with anyone else. She also judged that the Department of Health had violated its constitutional duties.

Gov. DeSantis announced that he tasked the Legislature with changing the law to allow smoking medical marijuana. If it doesn’t by mid-March, he’ll drop the state’s appeal of a court decision that says banning it violates a constitutional amendment.

The department appealed the decision almost immediately, saying Redner’s request would disturb the status quo, since Florida law has never permitted anyone other than medical marijuana treatment center

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