It’s pot legalization day in Maine! Here’s how you can and can’t celebrate

January 30th, 2017 by admin Leave a reply »

Good morning from Augusta. I can report that marijuana has been legal statewide as of 12:01 a.m. At least one end-of-prohibition party is set for tonight in Portland.

But don’t go reefer mad all at once. Maine is now in limbo with its voter-approved law, especially after a moratorium signed Friday by Gov. Paul LePage to delay provisions of the law until February 2018.

In short, possessing and growing marijuana for recreational purposes is now legal, while buying or selling it is not legal yet. The state has until next year to develop rules for regulating new retail stores. Medical marijuana policy hasn’t changed.

Here are some finer points on personal use.

You can:

  • Use, possess, transport and transfer 2.5 ounces of marijuana: This includes prepared marijuana and marijuana concentrate, but you can’t have more than five grams of concentrate. You’re also allowed to give someone that much marijuana, but only for nothing of value in return.
  • Use it in your home, on your lawn and other private property: The law allows consumption in a private residence, plus “curtilage,” and on private property “not generally accessible by the public” with authorization from the owner.
  • Grow up to six mature plants: Along with those, you can have up to 12 immature plants and unlimited seedlings.

You can’t: